Mission Statement

Empowering people to take control of their own health and realize their full potential, Vitamin Power's mission is

to help people maintain optimum wellness and achieve their individual fitness goals with proper nutritional intake.

Assuring unsurpassed quality throughout the entire process, we provide nutritional excellence to health-minded,

fitness-focused people who demand the highest quality supplements and know the difference.



Always the best ingredients and the highest quality...

For over 38 years, we've been supplying a comprehensive range of maximized nutritional supplements, providing

the advantages of naturally-derived nutritional power delivered with leading-edge technology.


We maintain the strong competitive advantage of operating our own manufacturing, production, packaging,

quality control and quality assurance laboratory testing facilities. Our volume-driven economies of scale enable

us to pass significant savings along to discerning consumers worldwide. We control all phases of product

development, manufacturing, quality assurance, testing, packaging and distribution.


Blending nature and science to deliver optimum nutritional power...

Achieving an ideal balance of nature and science, combining the best of traditional and modern technology, we

believe that vitamins, minerals and other food-derived nutritional factors are most effectively utilized as part of a

naturally synergistic complex. That’s why our formulations contain wholesome food source ingredients including:

plant, fruit and vegetable concentrates, standardized herbal and botanical extracts... Wholesome, naturally-occurring,

nutritive compounds the body easily identifies, absorbs and utilizes.


GMP-Certified Manufacturing and Production Facilities

Unlike other brands, we have our own on-site analytical quality-control laboratories. Rigorous testing assures

optimum product quality at each stage of the manufacturing process; Beginning with raw material ingredient

selection to finished product manufacturing, packaging and labeling, all materials received into our facilities

are subject to a comprehensive range of stringent analytical laboratory tests.


Vitamin Power products are formulated, produced and packaged in our own state-of-the-art, GMP-certified

manufacturing, bottling and distribution facilities here in the United States. Our operating facilities are fully-compliant

with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for processing equipment, production procedures and quality

assurance. Although many of our standards exceed those required by state and federal regulatory agencies, we

believe they are necessary to consistently provide consumers with the finest-quality nutritional products.


Utilizing advanced laboratory analytical techniques and testing methodologies including: Infrared Scanning,

high performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometry, our quality control systems ensure

every product sold under the Vitamin Power brand meets the highest standards for nutritional excellence.